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Licensed Practical Nursing
- LPN training programs about 1 year
- Vocational and community colleges
- Board of Nursing license required
- LPN nursing job prospects very good

LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Nursing

Registered Nursing
- RN nursing programs 2 to 4 years
- College nursing schools and online
- Board of Nursing license required
- RN nursing job prospects excellent

RN Registered Nurse Nursing

Nursing Certifications

LPN LVN RN BSN MSN Nursing Degree

Nursing certification commonly refers to becoming certified in a nursing specialty area by a certifying board other than your state board of nursing. To become a Registered Nurse, for example, the nurse candidate must meet the specific RN licensing requirements as laid out by the state board of nursing in which the candidate would like to work. Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification in contrast is obtained by meeting the requirements specified by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing which are not state specific. Many nursing certifications are generally pursued after obtaining Registered Nurse status, and you may notice that such nursing certifications specify a current RN license as a requirement.

Nursing Certification Points:

Nursing Certification Boards

While carrying multiple nursing certification acronyms after your name is very satisfying, we recommend that you speak with hiring managers in the specialty area and nurses working in those specialty areas to understand the benefits and challenges of certification. Nursing certification generally results in higher pay when working within the specialty area, and increases the likely hood of being accepted for specialty nursing jobs. Certifications must be renewed by periodic examination or through the completion of continuing education classes. Below is a list of popular nursing certifications.

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