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Licensed Practical Nursing
- LPN training programs about 1 year
- Vocational and community colleges
- Board of Nursing license required
- LPN nursing job prospects very good

LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Nursing

Registered Nursing
- RN nursing programs 2 to 4 years
- College nursing schools and online
- Board of Nursing license required
- RN nursing job prospects excellent

RN Registered Nurse Nursing

How To Become A Nurse

Nursing is not just the largest health care occupation, nursing is also a rewarding career. Government and nursing association job prospect reports say the outlook for nursing jobs is very good to excellent. Here's how you too can become a Nurse:

Nurse Nursing

1. Choose a nursing career path and specialty
2. Graduate from an accredited nursing school
3. Obtain a state nursing license, pass exam
4. Apply for nursing jobs nationwide in the U.S.

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Nursing Schools, Nursing Programs, Nursing Degrees

1. Nursing Career Paths

Nursing careers for today's nurses generally follow the path of the entry level Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN and the more advanced Registered Nurse or RN. Education requirements, specialties, nurse license, and work settings vary.

2. Find A Nursing School

Nursing schools offer training for those looking to become a Nurse. Selecting a National League for Nursing or NLN accredited nursing school, for example, helps gain entry into continuing education programs and future job opportunities.

3. State Nursing License Boards

Nursing license requirements, LPN & RN exams, continuing education and nursing license fees vary by state. Before you enroll into a nursing program, familiarize yourself with nursing license requirements for surrounding state board of nursing.

4. Nursing Jobs Nationwide

Nursing jobs U.S. Government outlooks for Licensed Practical Nurses LPN and Registered Nurses RN project nursing job growth between 14% to 23% from 2006 to 2016. Nursing and related job search sites can help you apply for nursing jobs.